Welcome to Discourse

A Discourse demo site that doesn’t get overwritten and that has some mod/admin personas and depicts use cases for using Discourse for teamwork (support inbox, solved, calendar, policy, assigned etc). This community has three primary areas, a #learning category, a #todo category and a #staff category.

How do the #staff and the #todo category work?

The staff category is a private category for staff discussions and membership is defined by the staff group.

The example #todo category is used to track items on a team’s roadmap that they need to keep track of and eventually do. Topics are usually assigned and closed when complete.

How does the #learning category work?

This category has subcategories for every online course:


Depending on the plans they’ve subscribed to, users will be added to specific groups. Once they’re in the right groups, they’ll be able to access the content in the corresponding subcategories.

For example, A student in the CS103x group will be able to access all the content in the CS103x subcategory. A student can request membership to any of these groups from the Groups page. By design, all members of the Premium Students group have access to all the courses in the Learning category.