Introduce yourselves! 🤝

Greetings to the team and everyone else in the @game_theory group, I’m loving the course till now and I’m eager to know more about the other students!

I’m Dmitri, a 16yo game developer from Moscow :ru: and I started my game development journey a year ago. Looking forward to learn with all of you :blush:


Hello everyone!

I’m Isabella, a 20yo undergrad student from Lisbon :portugal:
Learning game theory concepts has never been more fun :heart:

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Hello everyone,

I’m Ava from London :uk: and I’m taking all this course along with CS108x and CS001x at the same time. Hope I can see this one through :crossed_fingers:

Thanks for all the help!

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Hi. Great to meet you.

Hey, great to meet you. How can I help?

Hey, welcome. Great to have you on board.