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Tech Blogs (Tutorials, Articles). Members can access and contribute tutorials, articles, how-to’s and stories. Articles can be contributed by employees, members and partners. Mutli-level approval workflows ensure quality control.

Webcasts/Online Meetups. Topical, regularly scheduled online member meetups through the Prisma Community. Can include live streaming (third party provider)

Registration/User Profiles. Progressive registration allows low barrier to initial membership but drives completion through personalization and gamification. Data allows platform to make better next best action and personalization decisions. Profiles display member rank, badges, position in community.

API Wiki. Searchable Wiki documenting all Prisma APIs including code samples. Members with access can contribute Wiki content, upvote, comment and rate post.

Knowledgebase/Technical Documents. Official location for all technical documentation. Accessible from navigation but also integrated into federate search. Contributions from employees, focused on FAQs and common use cases, configurations. Members can provide social signals, ratings and comments on content.

SDKs and Tools Catalog. Members can download free tools, SDKs, starter kits and sample applications focused on (e.g. Visual Studio extension). Supporting content published in Docs and Articles.

Next Best Actions. Platform recommends next best actions/content based on passive and active member interests and preferences.